Death by Sexy Does SXSW

So I’m still daydreaming (ok drooling) over the Death by Sexy styles from last month’s #SipStyleSocialize but NOW I’m even more pumped for their fun Spring numbers that I’m getting ready to rock for SXSW 2015!! Think edgy, chic, and of course sexy.  As per usual Miss Andi has to force me out of my comfort zone when it comes to the “sexy” pieces, but given that I’ve trusted her opinion for three years now I know she’ll do me right. I’m pretty much in love with everything at the downtown DxS HQ at the moment but these little numbers caught my eye…

That “Sofia” Tribal dress is insane and you really can’t ever go wrong with pugs so, there’s that. The “Anastasia” Festival Dress is everything – practically perfect in every way. 

Perfect example of the DxS influence on my style – rompers. Love them on everyone else (seriously everyone looks so cute in rompers besides me what the heck?!?); hate them on me. In the last 30 days of life though the DxS ladies have made it their duty to make rompers work for me. We’ll see how this plays out but if Andi can make this fiery piece work for me, I’m confident she’ll get rompers to happen. 

At first look I thought there was NO chance I could rock this (waayyy out of my comfort zone) but once Andi styled & jeweled me up… and ok yes after a couple cocktails… I felt transformed into this whole new sexified biotch that could walk that runway just as fab as the models could.  In reality it’d be more like SJP’s runway walk circa 2001 on SATC’s “The Real Me” but like I said, cocktails were a-flowin so que the imagination. (…Fast forward 3 hours I’m back in my fuzzy socks and sports bra but that’s neither here nor there…) 

Needless to say regardless of the event my go-to is always Death by Sexy because I can always find the perfect piece and without fail, every.single.time I get the “I LOOOVE your boots (top…dress…necklace)!!! WHERE did you get it?!?” — oh this? DxS dahling. 😉

Some of my favs:


There’s still time to get your SXstyle on with the DxS ladies! Schedule a style appointment or just order online at – use promo code “SQstyle10” for an extra 10% off and YES you’ll get it by SX. Tag me on Instagram or Twitter (@SocialQuencher) to let me know what you pick!!! 😉


January Girls Dinner – and we have a winner…

Ok so I saw this and two things happened:
1 ~ I immediately fell in love, and
2 ~ I was inspired for an outtie for Girls Dinner tonight…

Fun girlie outfit

Gold shirt
$48 –

J Brand mid rise white skinny jeans
$165 –

Balenciaga weekender bag

Bangle set

Forever New drusy earrings
$13 –
Also, I freaking need that pink ring.
The gold Yves Saint 20140122-134201.jpgLaurent piece reminded me of one of my favs from my very own collection – a silver number by H&M that I found in Vegas 2 years ago and clearly had to have.  And, being that it was only 20-something dollars (… I know, right?! That’s ALL?!), I’ve definitely received a return on that investment.  The shiny factor in itself is ROI… not to mention that open back.  MmmmHmm.
So, now that I’ve got my outfit inspiration for a lovely evening with my Austin ladies, all that’s left is taking a look at the cocktail menu.
One can never be too prepared.